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 Female Libido Enhancer
 Attention Ladies: Increase your
 sexual libido and orgasmic capability
 by taking
two tablets per day (one
 with breakfast
and one with dinner) of
Terrestris, available for your
 purchase at an affordable price at
 Female Libido
Enhancers. Take one
 tablet with one
full glass of water at
 breakfast and
again at dinner.
 Erectile Dysfunction Herbal

 Stop erectile dysfunction and erection
 problems from hurting your love life by
 taking the following erection pills two
before sexual activity: (1) one
 tablet of Tongkat Ali; (2) one
tablet of
 Tribulus Terrestris; and (3) two

 tablets of Arginine. Take with with one
 full glass of water at meal time.  You

 can buy all three herbal sex enhancers
 at an affordable price at Male Erection

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Female Libido Enhancers
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Tongkat Ali for Erection
Tribulus for Erectile Dysfunction

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 Where to Buy Tribulus
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If you have questions or need more information about herbal remedies to deal with
 low female libido and female lack of sexual desire, please contact LuvHerbs™ 
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   Recommended LuvHerbs™ Dosage:

 ►Tribulus to increase female sex libido: Take one Tribulus tablet twice per
     day, everyday at breakfast and at dinner.
 ►Strong Erection Combo for men:
To be ready at any time for daily sex,
take one each of Tribulus, Tongkat
      ali, & Arginine at breakfast & again at dinner.
To be ready for sex on a less frequent basis,
take two each of Tribulus,
      Tongkat ali, & Arginine two to three hours in advance of sexual activity.
 Be certified and designated as a Certified Massage Therapist.